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Academic Calendars, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Academic Calendars, Denver CU Denver
Academic Grievance and Appeals Process Both
Academic Honor Code Both
Acceptable Use Policy, IT Both
Acceptable Use Policy, Graduate School Both
Access Control Policy, Graduate School Both
Admissions Summary Form Both

Advocacy, Grievance, and Empowerment, Students

CU Anschutz
Application for Candidacy Form


Approval of New Degrees and Certificates & Track ConversionsBoth
Auditing a Course, Policy Both
Authorization to Release Confidential Information FormCU Anschutz
Biosketch Form, for Thesis Defense Both
Bursar's Office (Billing & Payments), Anschutz CU Anschutz
Bursar's Office (Billing & Payments), Denver CU Denver
Certificate Proposal Form Both
Combined Undergraduate & Graduate Program Proposal Form Both
Commencement, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Commencement, Denver CU Denver
Conflict of Interest Policy Both
Course Catalog Both
Course Validation Form Both
Exam Request Form Both
Extension Request Form Both
Financial Aid Office, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Financial Aid Office, Denver CU Denver
Flyers, Program & Recruitment Both
Format Guide for Theses and Dissertations Both
Funding for Events Both
Funding Opportunities Both
Graduate Academics Information Appliance (GAIA) Both
Graduate Academics Information Appliance (GAIA) Guides Both
Graduate Certificate Completion Form Both
Graduate Credential Completion Form Both
Graduate Credential Proposal and Registration Form Both
Graduate Faculty Appointment Application Form (Regular) Both
Graduate Faculty Appointment Application Form (Special) Both
Graduate Faculty Directory Both
Graduate Faculty Quick Reference Table Both
Graduate Program Management, Recommendations and Best Practices Both
Graduate School Policies and Procedures Both
Graduation Application, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Graduation Application, Denver CU Denver
Graduation Deadlines Non-Thesis (2021-2022), Anschutz CU Anschutz
Graduation Deadlines Non-Thesis (2022-2023), AnschutzCU Anschutz
Graduation Deadlines Thesis & Non-Thesis (2021-2022), Denver CU Denver
Graduation Deadlines Thesis (2021-2022), Anschutz CU Anschutz
Graduation Deadlines Thesis (2022-2023), AnschutzCU Anschutz
Health Center (Student) at Auraria, Denver CU Denver
Health Center (Student), Anschutz CU Anschutz
Health Insurance Options for CU Denver StudentsCU Denver
Housing (Student) Information, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Housing (Student) Information, Denver CU Denver
Human Resources Office Both
Inclement Weather Policy Both
Intent to Complete a Graduate Certificate FormBoth
Leave of Absence Request Form Both
Library (Auraria Library), Denver CU Denver
Library (Strauss Health Sciences Library), Anschutz CU Anschutz
Masters Student Scholarship Nomination Form CU Denver
Mental Health (Counseling Center), Denver CU Denver
Mental Health (Mental Health Clinic), Anschutz CU Anschutz
Non-Degree Student Permission Form w/o Bachelors - Denver CampusDenver
Office of Equity Both
Parking & Maps Both
Police, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Police, Denver CU Denver
Professional Development Incentive Program Both
Program Transfer Request Form Both
Provisional Admission Form Both
Records & Enrollment (Office of the Registrar), Anschutz CU Anschutz
Records & Enrollment (Office of the Registrar), Denver CU Denver
Residency Requirements, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Residency Requirements, Denver CU Denver
Sexual Misconduct Information Both
Sick Leave, Student EmployeesBoth
Software and Applications Both
Staff Effort Percentage (Research Assistant) CU Anschutz
Student Email Policy Both
Student Services, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Student Services, Denver CU Denver
Subplan (Program Track) Proposal Form Both
Tax Assistance for Students (Free) Both
Teaching & Job Opportunities, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Teaching & Job Opportunities, Denver CU Denver
Thesis and Dissertation Format Workshop with Voice-over Instructions CU Denver
Thesis Approval Form Both
Transfer of Credit Request Form Both
Travel Award Application Form, Anschutz CU Anschutz
Travel Award Application Form, Denver (Discontinued June 2022)CU Denver
Vacation and Leave Policy for PhD Students Both